Have you been waiting to write your book? And…waiting until the right time? 

People often tell me that they are thinking of writing a book, or that they want to write a book...

But thinking and wanting aren't the same as doing!

There are a thousand reasons why you may not have already started...

Ok…how many of those did you check off?  

What if I told you, you’re not alone?  

You can have a well thought out book with the effective strategy and structure to get your message out.  

It's time to write your book and here's why... it's the inner game to financial success, brand visibility, and thought leadership...  

  • Become a bold stand for your brilliance - no more apologizing for who you are or what you charge. 
  • Trusting your decisions and taking action...rather that obsessing and living with second-guesses...very draining to do. 
  • Bringing your power as an author and business entrepreneur into the world...in a new way and continue to manage your fear so you can "do it anyway" and move forward .
  • Continue to step fully into your purpose and dreams and go for what you want in your book, business and in turn, your life.  

If you say YES to the next four questions... you are ready and willing to write you book! 

  • Are you willing to take action even if it might feel scary at times (exciting scary)?
  • Do you know you have incredible gifts to offer to others and want to serve more people and make a bigger impact? 
  • Are you ready to make a bigger impact in the world instead of playing small? 
  • Do you have a dream that you are committed to achieving? 

I can hear your enthusiastic YES from here!

Schedule a Chat with Ruth

I will help you with your...

  • Book Concept
  • Content Interview
  • Chapter Title Creation
  • Writing Strategy
  • Editorial Assessments
  • Branding Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Editing
  • Cover to Cover Design
  • Publishing
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Public Relations Prep
  • Signature Speech

Make your Expertise your Legacy

Conceptualize & Write Your Book

Brand, Edit & Publish your Legacy

Identify Your Market and start spreading your Message

I am here to help you achieve your highest vision for creating an authentic and impactful book. I will hold you accountable to act from your highest self, even when you may not feel that way. 

And, I will be there to celebrate your wins, frustrations, achievements and clarity of focus, throughout the writing experience.  

I work with clients that are passionate, spirit-minded and soulful, who are ready to fully take action and live their brilliance through the integrity and message driven book.  

I only except a small number of people into the program, so I can give 100% attention to each one of you.  

This program is designed to deliver a high level of accountability, strategy, coaching, mentoring and support, so that you will have a legacy book that you are proud of. 

I will help you create, build, engage and strategically attract your ideal clients as well as become a thought leader in your industry.  

This special legacy book program is designed to:

• Build your expertise platform
• Brand and marketing messaging
• Creative interactive strategies to attract Ideal Clients
• Build strong brand identification
• Create business brand consistency
• Create Book Positioning
• Attract "Celebrity" Testimonials  

Meet Ruth.

Ruth Klein, Brand 360 Strategist and Sales Conversion Coach, author of 7 best-selling books and works with high-achieving entrepreneurs, coaches, sales professionals and company founders.

Her focus is to help her clients expand into bigger possibilities, higher income and make a major impact far beyond their perceived goals and expectations.


With a successful career that spans over thirty years, she has helped her clients create a 360 Brand and convert their expertise and content into high ticket clients and programs, hundreds of millions of dollars for founders, nearly a $1,000,000 one year consulting gig for an Inc. 500 past executive, filled her legal and financial client's businesses and helped newbies write best-selling books and speeches.


Ruth holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on Health, Consciences & Healing.

For more info, you can reach Ruth at: rklein@ruthklein.com

IG: @ruth.klein

Linked In: @ruthklein

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