Uplevel Your Brand - Uplevel Your Ideal Clients

Are you ready to take the next step in your business?

Are you tired of being a “best kept secret?”

Are you looking for that X-factor to take your book or business to the next level? 

I’ll show you how to become a Soul-Centered Expert Celebrity™ Brand Influencer that attracts your ideal clients, social media following, sponsors, and speaking engagements – all while you easily create a multi-6-figure business from your business or book (even if you’re just starting out!).  

Although there are a lot of general branding and marketing trainings available, there hasn’t been anything that prepares you to be successful in the ONE most important area of running your business or marketing your books: Soul-Centered Expert Celebrity™ Brand Influencer Marketing!

This is the time of year to make it count!

May 6, 2019 Atlanta, GA 

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This live VIP day workshop is a powerfully energizing, step-by-step experience designed to deliver results.  

You are ready to take this step if...

  • You want to use your Divinely-Gifted talents to make the money you deserve, be of service, and help others  
  • You want to know what marketing strategies will work most successfully with your brand personality  
  • You spent a lot of time building your business and/or writing your book, and now you want to know how to leverage and monetize your expertise and social media  

Here's What You'll Learn

Branding, Social Media Marketing and Millionaire Mindset 

• Identify your Brand Personality so you are always in alignment with who you are authentically • How to engage your brand as the Ultimate Client Attractor • Brand Messaging on Social Media • 5 Limiting Money Beliefs you must transform for financial freedom • The Do's and Don't's of attracting business sponsors

I'll be here to help you all the way! I'm often referred to as a Concierge Soul-Centered Branding & Marketing Coach, and I'll be working with you myself!

Your Investment

Your General Admission Ticket comes with...

  • VIP Day of Experiential Learning 
  • A complimentary 30-minute strategy session with Ruth Klein after the weekend concludes ($500 Value)

Your VIP Admission Ticket comes with...

  • VIP Day Experiential Learning
  • A complimentary 30-minute strategy session with Ruth Klein after the weekend concludes ($500 Value)
  • Private lunch Saturday afternoon with Ruth Klein
  • BONUS! Ruth will review your Instagram channel & give you tips for making it work better for your brand
  • BONUS! Ruth will help you create a media one sheet

Ruth Klein Expert Celebrity™ Branding 

As an award-winning entrepreneur, soul-centered coach and 6-time bestselling author, Ruth Klein used the power of Brand Influencer Positioning to build a 7-figure enterprise. The Wall Street Journal refers to her as “The Marketing Maven for Business.”  

An international speaker who holds Masters Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Spiritual Psychology, Ruth has been quoted and featured in national and international media – including O: The Oprah Magazine, Prevention, Chicago Tribune and on all major networks.  

Over the past five years alone, her clients have generated over $10 million using her Winning Branding Strategies. As a best-selling author, media expert and award-winning speaker, Ruth teaches her clients how to engage and connect with their audiences authentically and organically through books, speeches and marketing campaigns.

If you're ready to find your ideal clients, get your tickets today!

General Admission Ticket
$497 Investment
Upgraded Ticket
Additional $97
($497 + $97 = $594)

All the Details

When? May 6 2019 

Who? Entrepreneurs, Coaches, & Service Professionals

Where? Sheraton Suites Galleria - 2844 Cobb Parkway SE, Atlanta, GA

Livestream? No livestream option will be offered. You must attend live to get this training.

Here's what some of Ruth's clients have to say...

Meriflor Tonatto, Women's Prosperity Expert & Author 

"Before joining the Write It, Launch It and Live It! program I was already a published author. The trouble was I wasn't sure how to leverage my message, reach my ideal clients, and how to monetize and create an enterprise with my book. In other words, I didn't have a strategic plan and got caught in the trap of "Now What Do I Do?"

During our very first session, I was blown away at Ruth's ability to help me connect the dots and utilize all my brilliance, expertise, and experience in a powerful way. In fact, within 24 hours of our call, I enrolled a new VIP client!

I can honestly say that working with Ruth has transformed me and my business. I have learned that:  

  • Everything must be in alignment with who you are and what you do
  • Writing a book is a beautiful way to share your authentic voice and brilliance
  • It is critical to have a strategy in place before starting your book and not trying to create it after the fact.  

Most of all, I learned the importance of having support and not trying to do it on my own. I have implemented all of Ruth's guidance and so far, I'm celebrating that I've created a book that I am so proud of.  


Norm Nebroski Small Business Founder & CEO 

"For more than 20 years, N.NEBROSKI has used intuitive business development strategies in the A/E/C industry to leverage its clients’ position to thrive, not just survive. However, we were unable to bring about a clear picture as to what our brand, N.NEBROSKI, had metamorphosed into.  

During the first 20 minutes of Ruth Klein’s branding exploration, my deeply held core principles which guide me in every engagement started to take focus on paper.  

Norm Nebroski


Ruth showed us how creating a great brand is a matter of knowing both where and how to look… for hidden truths… unmet customer needs… concealed opportunities.  

Ruth was able to take the N.NEBROSKI brand and drive it by connecting us both to the heart and the mind, to emotion and reason in equal measure. She was able to craft and express my ideas through inspiration, creativity, and then applied it to a careful understanding of rational and emotional drivers of preference and loyalty."

Joanne McCall

Joanne McCall, Creative Book Publicist 

"Ruth Klein has a unique grasp of media, both new and traditional, and is able to communicate that to others in an unparalleled fashion. IF YOU'RE READY TO PROMOTE YOUR BRAND TO THE WORLD, RUTH KLEIN CAN SHOW YOU HOW."