The book launch for my newest book, Generation Why Not?®…7 Principles to a Purposeful Business & Life…Driven by Attitude, not Age will be going online!  

The Masquerade Ball & Book Launch Party that was scheduled for March 26 is being rescheduled. I will let all of you know of the new date change when I find out. I also wanted to THANK all of you for your support and love and who bought tickets to the Ball…we will party, I promise! Plus, I’m not losing an opportunity to dance the night away!!  

The Online Book Launch is scheduled for the same date, March 26th…somehow, it doesn’t seem so sad to keep it the same date.  

I will be sharing with you my journey writing this book, which is very different than any other journey I’ve taken with the other 6 books…very different!!  

I will also be taking you through the 7 Principles of Quantum Synchronicity® and offer you ways to keep up your Business & Yo&r B&and during this time. I have many great marketing ideas for you.  

“Entrance” into the teleseminar book launch is proof of purchase of the book, Generation Why Not?®. 1. Simply text (310.741.1583) or email ( a copy of the receipt of the book. 2. Once I receive it, we’ll send you the link to the teleseminar.  

You can purchase the book here: Amazon or Barnes & Noble

One thing I know for sure is that during this time of uncertainty, staying focused and moving forward in my business and my personal development has made all the difference between feeling stressed vs. feeling grounded!  

Thank you, my beautiful community…none of my “success” would ever have happened without YOU!! You all remind me why I do what I do!!!!  

With so much Heartfelt Gratitude,  

P.S. Here’s the link to purchase the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble as your “ticket” to the March 26th Online Book Launch in a teleseminar.