A 90-day Millionaire's Success Mindset program to build your brand, create relevent messaging & implement 3 powerful marketing strategies.

Is this possible?

Yes! Every year I play this “game” with myself…My goal is to attract nearly the same amount of income in the previous last three months once a year.  

I used to do this for the month of October, November and December. Now, I do this every couple of months. 

So many entrepreneurs ask me... "Ruth, Who should I market to?" "Where do I find my ideal clients?" 

The answers are found in your Brand, your Marketing and your Mindset

And I am going to help you find the gold in each! 

Why does this work so well? It works for three reasons:  

  • I take BOLD action. 
  • I FOCUS on low-hanging marketing strategies.  
  • I BELIEVE it works!  

Do you find that hard to believe….that you can actually attract nearly the same amount of money in three months that you did previously in 9 months?  

Well, let me put it to you this way…if you follow the Millionaire's Mindset Blueprint and do all of the homework in developing, creating and implementing the business strategies I’m going to be offering you in this 90 Day program  

…drum roll please!!  

You will be able to pay for this program before the 90 Days is up. And, if you don’t, then I will gift you another 90 days!

What do you think of that??  

Why am I doing this? Because I know first hand for myself that this Millionaire's Mindset program works!!  

And, I also know that it may take you a little bit longer to “get” it…which means to “believe” you can do it while you’re going through the program.  

Let's Chat!

What You’ll Receive in the Millionaire's Success Mindset Program...

  • Your 90-Day Millionaire's Success Mindset Program includes generous time with me during our bi-monthly calls; focused entirely on the results you wish to create. 
  • Coaching Prep Sheet Accountability emailed to Ruth before each coaching session tracking your celebration and goals. 
  • Priority Email Access for Quick Questions, Feedback, Support and Additional Accountability – If you have a burning questions that can’t wait, you’re welcome to email me or call me…barring emergencies, I’ll get back to you within 48 business hours, Monday through Thursday.  

What We Will Be Focused on...  

Module One

  • Identify & Develop the brand structure and messaging of your business.  

Answers the following questions:  

“How do I charge for my services?” (This is actually a branding question!!)  

“How do I find more of my ideal clients who will pay me without a hassle?” (starts with branding)  

“I work so many hours and feel overwhelmed and my income doesn’t reflect my expertise or the value I bring to my client…what am I doing wrong?” (starts with branding) 

Module Two

  • Create Marketing content and messaging via a mini-sales letter/landing page that communicates exactly who you are, what you do, the value you bring to your clients and a call to action.  

Answers the following questions:  

“What is my marketing message that will attract the clients I want to work with?”  

"Why am I not getting a good response or filling my webinars/programs…what am I doing wrong here?"  

"How do I know what to create for content and where do I put it? "  

Module Three

  • Implement Low Hanging Marketing Strategies that will jumpstart your income for no additional cost. In other words, an excellent idea vs spending money on it.  

Answers the following questions…  

“I spend so much time in my business and for whatever reason my ideal clients can't find me.”  

“I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.” 

“People will actually pay for that? How do I know? What do I say?”  

On our Coaching Calls…You will receive… 

  • Soul-centered coaching to keep you moving forward
  • A successful business and money mindset
  • Answers to any branding, marketing, publicity, social media, writing, time or money questions
  • Brand & Marketing messaging that clearly and authentically says who you are and attracts your ideal clients
  • The key strategy for creating social media content in advance that reinforces your Brand
  • A 90-Day Marketing Plan Template for focus, clarity and action
  • Direction on your low hanging fruit to jumpstart your income now, not later
  • Easy client attraction funnel without spending time behind the computer


Bonus #1 Two General Admission Tickets for my October 25 & 26, 2019 Expert Celebrity Live! “Everything Books” 2 - day Workshop ($1,000 value)

Bonus #2 Email signature and Social Media Bio Review (Priceless)

Meet Ruth

Ruth Klein is one of the most creative Integrative Brand Strategists and Productivity Coaches for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Authors and Professionals today.  

She is the president of the award-winning firm, Expert Celebrity™ Branding, a results-oriented performance strategic branding and marketing firm.  

She has increased the bottom line of a 30 person law firm over $1 Million in under 13 months and helped entrepreneurs reclaim a minimum of 5 times their investment… often exceeding 10-20 times their original investment.  

Her authors host PBS Specials, receive paid speaking gigs & create 6 & multi-6 figure businesses all centered around their book & expertise.  

She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and is the author of six best-selling books.  

Ruth has appeared in O: The Oprah Magazine and has been interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, Reader’s Digest, Washington Post online to name a few.  

Ruth helps experts, authors & entrepreneurs to become Expert Celebrities™ through the process of writing, launching & marketing their books & businesses.

Ruth has been featured in:

Within weeks of working with Ruth... I went from charging $450 to $10,000 per client - A 2,000% increase! 

Within weeks after working with Ruth I had built my business structure, created the first level of pricing, and was taught how to target my perfect clientele. I went from charging $450 to $10,000 per client - a 2,000% increase!  

I had my first client within that month. I had my second client 3 weeks after I signed on my first client. My third, fourth, fifth, and sixth client all came not long after. I should also mention every single client I have has come to me. I've not gone seeking any clients for myself.  

Candice Bar, Vision Aries Network Owner

"Ruth showed me how to proceed and I got six new clients ...almost immediately." 

In life most of us are blessed with special people, some are friends, business partners and even family members. Sometimes these people are only in your life for a season and then there are those who are there for a lifetime.  

But I have had a double whammy blessing! Ruth Klein was my marketing person in the early 90's when I owned a beautiful Spa in California, we had a blast working together! I left California and had not spoken or seen Ruth in 18 years and as life would have it, things happen right when you need them. Ruth just happens to be in Austin Texas speaking and doing her magic. It was as if I had seen her yesterday. I have a new career now and needed sound advice on how to proceed and was stuck on how to do that.  

Ruth showed me how to proceed and I got six new clients to coach with their health and vitality almost immediately. Now that's what I call the Ruth Klein 'Magic'.  

Thank you so much for knowing your client and their needs.  

Venus DeMarco, The Healing Journey of my Bodacious Ta Ta's Author

'My business is flourishing with my first $10,000 week; I'm working with my ideal clients and they are paying me what I'm worth"

My business is flourishing with my first $10,000 week; I'm working with my ideal clients and they are paying me what I'm worth; and my "expert" visibility is growing rapidly.  

I am grateful for saying YES to myself and seeking expert help to build an enterprise based on my book. I am also very grateful to you, Ruth, for your wisdom, intuition, and support. You helped me connect the dots and leverage my brilliance and vision as a thought leader. You have an added special quality of being a "magical alchemist" because not only did I create an important and timely book; I also created the enterprise of my dreams. Now that's a winning combination!"  

Meriflor Toneatto, www.powerwithsoul.com Women's Prosperity Expert & Author