Generation Why Not?® By Ruth Klein 

The latest book from best-selling author, marketing maven, and time-management master RUTH KLEIN, Generation Why Not?® is based on the 7 Principles of Quantum Synchronicity® and launches early 2020.


Every pre-order come with a FREE BONUS... As a BONUS thank you gift for your pre-order purchase of GENERATION WHY NOT?® 7 Principles to a Purpose-Driven Life, Driven by Attitude, Not Age, you will receive Ruth’s EXCLUSIVE 12-week course, Miracles, Money, & Mindset, which will help you implement the 7 Principles of Quantum Synchronicity®. -- a $297 value!  

Miracles, Money, & Mindset!

  • The Energy of Intentions
  • The Power of Thought
  • Your Belief System
  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
  • The RIGHT Action
  • Maintaining your Momentum
  • Mastering your Environment
  • Identifying your DREAM Goal

How to get your Free Gift...

1. Pre-purchase the book, Generation Why Not?® 2. Send a photo of the purchase receipt to me in an email - 3. AND, You will receive the free gift!

A Word From The Author

Are you ready to make innovative changes in your personal life and business but don’t know how to go about it? Are you struggling to identify where to start in rebranding your life and your business? Do you worry time has passed you by, or technology is so far beyond your understanding level, you’ll never compete?  

Shift your thinking from “never” to “FOREVER” and be a member of GENERATION WHY NOT?®

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