You’re invited to a Bestseller Blueprint Workshop during which you’ll discover proven ways to write a better book in less time!

You'll learn to maximize your visibility and appeal to your ideal clients and the media.

In 90 minutes, I’m going to show you the Blueprint to make a big impact with your book as a visible thought leader while increasing your income.


I’m going to show you a simple, proven and repeatable process to launch a bestselling book from idea to final manuscript.

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Are you at a point in your business where you need to start building your visibility and celebrity, establish your authority and thought leadership and let the world know how different you are from everyone else in your industry?


Would you like to know the techniques bestselling authors do to make their books more impactful and more likely to succeed?


Here’s some of what you’ll discover when you’re in this workshop:


  • Bestseller ingredients of what makes your book stand out
  • Finding a clear concept/topic with a reader centric approach for your ideal client and reader
  • Captivating message generating more excitement about your book
  • Get your book to make you a thought leader and separate you from the competition


You know that writing a bestselling non-fiction book is an effective way to do that…and you’re ready to go all in on this strategy.

With Ruth you will:


  • Write your book that has your readers talking about you and your book
  • Creating a call-to-action within your book with a unique strategy
  • When to start marketing your book (HINT: It’s NOT after you publish)


For only $7 I’ll be giving you thousands of dollars worth of great and valuable information you can start using right away!


Ready to stop being the Best Kept Secret in your industry?

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Meet Ruth.

Ruth Klein, CEO of Expert Celebrity Branding, Brand Visibility Strategist and Master Book Coach, Author of 7 bestselling books and works with high-achieving entrepreneurs, coaches, sales professionals and company founders.

Her focus is to help her clients expand into bigger possibilities, higher income and make a major impact far beyond their perceived goals and expectations.


With a successful career that spans over thirty years, she has helped her clients create a 360 Brand and convert their expertise and content into high ticket clients and programs, hundreds of millions of dollars for founders, nearly a $1,000,000 one year consulting gig for an Inc. 500 past executive, filled legal and financial client's businesses and helped clients write best-selling books and speeches.


Ruth holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on Health, Consciousness & Healing.

For more info, you can reach Ruth at:

IG: @ruth.klein

Linked In: @ruthklein

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